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Candidate for Representative of Illinois District 47

Hi! My name is Jackie Williamson, and I am a lifelong resident of Illinois. I grew up in the northwest suburbs and now live in Wheaton with my husband and miniature Dachshund. I graduated from Butler University (go Bulldogs!) with a BA in Music and recently went back to school to receive a certificate in Human Resources Management from College of DuPage.

I have worked in Human Resources for the past five years, and believe my experience and passion for this field will benefit everyone in the 47th district. I believe in consistency and fairness, have strong ethics, and know the value of working with all stakeholders to achieve success. I also believe in the power of active listening and practicing empathy to get to the heart of any challenge, and finding effective solutions. 

I decided to jump into the race after realizing during the primary that there was no democrat running for this seat, and after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. My opponent is anti-choice and has introduced legislation that would remove the requirement for insurance to cover emergency contraceptives. I am running to ensure that Illinois remains a progressive state, and that we maintain and improve the rights we are losing at the federal level: right to safe and legal abortion, right to safety in our communities and schools, right to an environment free of pollution, equal rights for the LGBTQ+ community, right to vote, right to truthful education, and many others. Please visit the Issues page to learn more about my stances.


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IL District 47

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Candidate for Representative of the 47th District

Principled. Passionate. Progressive.


Wheaton, IL 60187

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