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Candidate for Representative of
Illinois District 47

Jackie Williamson is a lifelong resident of Illinois. She grew up in the northwest suburbs and now lives in Wheaton with her husband and miniature Dachshund. She graduated from Butler University and recently graduated with honors from College of DuPage with a certificate in Human Resources Management.


Williamson has worked in Human Resources for the past six years, and has experience managing large budgets, helping companies recruit and retain workers, and advocating for employees’ healthcare benefits. Her experience in this industry taught her the importance of consistency and fairness, strong ethics, and the value of working with all stakeholders to achieve success. She also believes in the power of active listening and practicing empathy to get to the heart of any challenge and identify effective solutions.


Williamson decided to run for State Representative after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, undoing decades of precedent on access to abortion. While Illinois has passed life-saving protections, the incumbent 47th District State Representative has voted against these protections, and has introduced legislation that would remove the requirement for insurance to cover emergency contraceptives. As someone who helps employees navigate their health insurance benefits, Jackie Williamson directly understands the negative impacts of restricting healthcare access, and especially to women.


Jackie Williamson is running for State Representative to be a full-time legislator who will deliver results, not talking points. She will guarantee that Illinois' fiscal future is sound, that families are not unduly burdened by taxes, and that all residents live in safe, healthy communities. She believes we need to maintain and improve the rights and freedoms we are losing at the federal level: the freedom to access lifesaving healthcare, the right to be safe from gun violence in our communities and schools, and the right to an environment free of pollution.

District 47 Map

IL District 47
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