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Reproductive Rights

No one in Illinois should be denied access to lifesaving healthcare, including abortion and contraceptives. As women’s healthcare rights are being rolled back nationally in the wake of Roe v. Wade being overturned, Illinois remains a haven for reproductive freedom in the Midwest. But, we can never take that freedom for granted. We need an advocate like Jackie Williamson in the State Legislature who can be consistently relied on to support bodily autonomy, and won’t roll back women’s access to contraceptives and abortion healthcare.


It is also important to remember that these concerns are not limited to abortion. Reproductive rights also include access to supportive family planning and comprehensive sex education. Williamson will work to ensure that all women's health concerns are voiced and acted upon in Springfield.


Jackie Williamson understands how intimately this issue is connected to economic security and one’s ability to provide and plan for their families, and will fight to make sure new parents have the resources they need to raise healthy, happy families.

We are experiencing increasingly catastrophic weather events due to the effects of climate change. Jackie Williamson will work to ensure that anyone who is affected by extreme weather events will have the resources necessary to recover.


Jackie Williamson believes we need to continue to transition to renewable energy sources and away from fossil fuels. Electric Vehicles are an increasingly popular choice for consumers, and we must update our infrastructure to meet the demand for EV travel. Currently, a driver can fill up on gas on almost any street corner or highway exit. We must work toward making EV charging as readily available.

Low-income communities and people of color often suffer the effects of environmental pollution and climate change most. Jackie Williamson will advocate for environmental justice policies that will protect access to clean water, air, and sustainable food sources. Williamson also supports the expansion of green jobs, lowering public transportation emissions, and the priority of funding our beautiful DuPage County Forest Preserves.

The Environment

Gun Safety and Violence Prevention

No parent should be afraid to send their child to school for fear of gun violence. No one should be afraid to walk alone at night in their own communities, or to visit movie theaters, malls, or parades that have become targets of mass shootings. Jackie Williamson agrees with the majority of Illinoisans who support common-sense gun reforms that will keep our state safe, such as universal background checks scanning for nationwide violent offenses. The number one leading cause of death for children and teens in Illinois are firearms, and we must take action to protect our young people from senseless deaths.


We can’t have a conversation about gun safety without also addressing suicide, mental health, and domestic violence. Williamson is committed to supporting access to mental health services and suicide prevention efforts that will reduce the number of gun-related suicides, and working with domestic violence advocates for protections that keep victims of violence safe.

As a human resources professional, Jackie Williamson knows how to balance large budgets, recruit and retain workers, and help employees make informed decisions about their benefits. Williamson will bring her fiscal savvy to the State Legislature to make sure that Illinois continues to build on its recent 8 credit rating upgrades and establish a sound fiscal future for itself. She will work hard to prevent tax increases for 47th District residents, and make sure that existing taxpayer dollars are leveraged to make responsible investments and provide high-quality public education, parks, and services broadly.


When we think of fiscal responsibility, not only should we be concerned with how the state is spending, taxing, and investing, but also of kitchen table finances. A medical emergency should not put an individual or family into debt. Childcare shouldn’t cost more than the wages a parent will earn alone. The state has a role in making sure families are making enough to be healthy and safe, and we need a State Representative like Jackie Williamson who will balance both statewide and kitchen table finances in decision-making.

Fiscal Responsibility

LGBTQ+ Rights


Members of the LGBTQ+ community deserve to marry, just like heterosexual couples. The supreme court has made it clear that they are considering taking up other cases that would potentially erode the rights given to same-sex couples in the Obergfell v. Hodges ruling. Same-sex marriage became law in Illinois in 2014, and Jackie Williamson will ensure it remains the law. 


Despite Title VII and the Illinois Human Rights Act stating that discrimination on the basis of sex and gender identity is illegal, members of the LGBTQ+ community still face discrimination in the workplace. Required workplace trainings under the Human Rights Act should be expanded to include discrimination based on sex and gender identity. 

Jackie Williamson believes healthcare costs are out of control. A medical emergency should not put an individual or family into debt. Williamson is concerned that the merging of for-profit healthcare systems will lead to less choice for care and less competitive pricing for already expensive services. The state should implement oversight into the cost of care to ensure health systems do not take advantage of patients.

Our dedicated and courageous healthcare workers continuously put their health on the line to keep our communities safe and healthy. We must make sure they are fairly and competitively compensated for their tireless work. Jackie Williamson will work to enact policies aimed at attracting healthcare workers and increasing access to programs that will train future healthcare professionals. 

There is an urgent need for increased access to mental healthcare. Whether it be in-person visits or the convenient option of tele-health, Jackie Williamson is committed to ensuring this facet of healthcare is accessible and affordable for all. We need to remove the stigma surrounding seeking mental healthcare.



A robust system of public schools is central to any community, and we are fortunate that the 47th District has excellent public schools. Jackie Williamson will advocate for students and teachers from early childhood through high school and beyond, including access to affordable college and vocational training.  

Jackie Williamson believes public schools should all offer art, music, and theater programs as part of their curriculums, and not just as electives or after school programs. 

Teacher recruitment and retention is critical to achieving smaller classroom sizes and increasing student success. As others states enact restrictive policies, Jackie Williamson will increase teacher recruitment and ensure that Illinois continues to be a leader in compensation and benefits for educators.

The right to vote is the central tenet of our democracy. The DuPage County Clerk’s office has been incredibly successful in expanding voting access. Jackie Williamson would bring these principles to Springfield, including increasing the awareness of the permanent vote-by-mail option and ballot tracking features, as well as championing programs to encourage young people to vote.

Protecting the right to vote should not be a partisan issue. Jackie Williamson is committed to working across the aisle to enact meaningful legislation and impactful voter education programs. Every eligible person should have easy and equitable access to vote, regardless of age, race, or economic status.


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